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CSH technology is based on waterproofing concrete by crystallization and improving its properties to achieve greater durability.

In general, concrete when exposed to water or humidity undergoes a series of chemical reactions that cause faster deterioration and leaks.

Thanks to Krystaline’s CSH technology, when concrete comes into contact with water it produces millions of insoluble crystals of calcium silicate hydrates that plug the capillary network. This permanently reduces the permeability of the concrete.

The greatest virtue of this waterproofing system is that it does not try to ac as a physical barrier against water, it penetrates the concrete and seeks it out, becoming its ally. In other words, it is hydrophilic, not hydrophobic. Water enhances its effectiveness. In addition, Krystaline does not wear out and does not run out, it is a catalyst.

The hydrophilic reaction also has the advantage of self-repairing shrinkage cracks and any cracks that may appear even years later. In this way we will always have an ultra waterproof concrete with a better appearance and more strength, protecting the entire structure against external chemical agents and giving it greater durability and sustainability.


Hormigón de referencia después de 28 días
Reference concrete
Hormigón tratado con Krystaline después de 28 días
Krystaline-treated concrete


Hormigón de referencia después de 2 años
Reference concrete
Hormigón tratado con Krystaline después de 2 años
Krystaline-treated concrete


Waterproofing of new buildings: Admixtures for new structures
By using Krystaline as an admixture, a waterproofed concrete structure with crystalline technology is achieved natively. From the beginning of the concrete’s life, crystallization remains active in the structure.

This property remains latent for the entire life of the concrete. We could say that Krystaline admixtures ally with water, when it appears, to waterproof and protect the concrete.

Concrete repair solution: waterproofing mortars
They are used to protect or repair concrete constructions that are degraded or mainly subject to the presence of water.

Unlike other technologies, repair products (waterproofing mortars) do not only form a surface barrier. In the presence of water, Krystaline penetrates by adsorption and thanks to its catalytic nature, it penetrates further and further to waterproof the concrete throughout its thickness. In this way, we achieve the same benefits as our admixtures for existing structures.

With sufficient time, the surface application can even be removed, leaving the concrete substrate waterproofed.

In short, it is a latent technology that reacts to the presence of water throughout the life cycle of the concrete, achieving permanent results in its application.


  • Reduce water penetration by up to 92%.
  • Remains active throughout the life of the concrete. Permanently reducing its permeability.
  • Increase the durability of concrete by protecting against: chemical attack, carbonation, alkali-silica reaction, saline environments and freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Improve the hydration process and endogenous repair by providing concrete with self-sealing properties.

  • Minimize concrete cracking during the curing process. The concrete will have less cracking and better appearance.


Krystaline hydrophilic technology

  • In both admixtures and repair products it is integrated into the concrete itself.
  • The waterproofing remains latent and active throughout the life of the concrete.
  • It is allied with water. The greater the presence of water, the greater the number of crystals and the greater the effectiveness.
  • Saves execution costs.
  • Used for new or existing construction.
  • State-of-the-art technology used in hundreds of projects around the world.


Hydrophobic technology

  • Technology that repels water.
  • Has resistance thresholds, if exceeded its properties are lost.
  • Limited lifetime, degrades with time and exposure to water.
  • Technology that is not natively integrated into the structure and is a point of failure.
  • More problematic application in repair projects where water has already penetrated the structure.
  • Higher cost of application.


Membrane technology

  • Higher labour costs, requires qualified labour.
  • Joints and overlaps may fail easily.
  • Can be easily damaged during application.


How can I specify Krystaline for a project?

Contact us and our expert will guide you through all the steps.

How can I apply Krystaline products?

Our professional technical assistance support always accompanies our customers to guide them through all phases of the project.

Are Krystaline products safe to apply in drinking water tanks?

Krystaline admixtures have been certified and approved by various tests carried out in different laboratories. Consult our technical team for more information.

Where are Krystaline products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in Spain.

Does the use of Krystaline admixtures affect the strength of the concrete?

Krystaline admixtures improve compressive, tensile and flexural strength according to our tests and certifications.