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The White Tank System has been designed to harness the highest performance and effectiveness of Krystaline products.

Krystaline products, used independently, have great performance, but when used together in the White Tank System they achieve exceptional performance in the waterproofing of below grade structures.

Juntas hormigonado - Sistema Tanking de Krystaline
Waterproofing construction joints
Juntas hormigonado - Sistema Tanking de Krystaline
Waterproofing construction joints
Penetrating elements


  • Integral protection throughout the life of the structure.
    Thanks to its catalytic nature, Krystaline does not become depleted, protecting the structure throughout the life of the concrete. Once the concrete is placed, the technology begins enhancing the production of C-S-H crystals. With Krystaline, concrete becomes stronger and more waterproof over time.
  • Areas with high water tables.
    Krystaline is a great advantage for applications with high water tables, as prolonged contact with water only improves the properties of the concrete. Unlike traditional systems, Krystaline has extremely high resistance to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Waterborne contaminants.
    It prevents the passage of water into the concrete and therefore also prevents the passage of waterborne contaminants. The contaminants do not affect the durability of the system. By preventing the passage of water and contaminants (sulfates, chlorides, carbon dioxide, etc.), chemical attacks and their effects such as carbonation, alkali-silica reaction and reinforcement steel corrosion are prevented.

  • Ease of use.
    Krystaline concrete is subject to the same concreting practices as any other concrete. No special care is required for membrane joints, dry concrete to ensure adhesion of membranes or special finishes. The use of adhesives is not necessary to prepare surfaces before concreting. Application will be successful as long as the admixture is added to concrete, it is dosed correctly and normal concreting, finishing and curing procedures are followed.

  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs.
    Repairs are expensive. Crystalline waterproofing is permanent and lasts for the entire life of the concrete. If cracks appear at any time, Krystaline will self-seal them, thus avoiding many repairs.
  • Environmentally friendly.
    Unlike membrane systems, Krystaline products are not based on petroleum or other environmentally unfriendly materials. Krystaline products are completely VOC free (volatile organic compound).