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  • A fast setting hydrophilic C-S-H technology waterproofing admixture.
  • Designed for precast concrete.
  • Increases early strength, thereby improving the productivity of precast concrete plants.
  • Krystaline Ultra improves the strength, reduces permeability and increases the durability of concrete.
  • Dosed at 1 kg/m³ of concrete.
Krystaline Ultra - Aditivos impermeabilizante para hormigón


Krystaline Ultra is easily added to fresh concrete at the precast factory’s concrete mixer. When added to the concrete, Krystaline Ultra will accelerate and enhance the hydration, resulting in an accelerated setting time for quick demoulding,  rapid and increased strength gain, improved permeability and the ability to self-heal cracks.


  • Reduces setting time.
  • Increases strength
  • Increasing productivity by allowing faster demoulding.
  • Self-heals cracking.
  • Protects reinforcing steel
  • Resists sulphate and chloride attack
  • Improves impermeability


Krystaline Ultra applications include precast concrete and UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) applications that require improved set acceleration, increased strength, use in contaminated environments, improved waterproofing abilities and may require future self-healing capabilities. This may include the following structures:

  • Drainage culverts
  • Bridge decks
  • Tunnels and pipes
  • Marine structures
  • Water treatment plants
  • Canals
  • Potable water tanks
  • Concrete walls
  • Water towers
  • Prefabricated slabs


Krystaline Ultra is a crystalline C-S-H technology admixture designed specifically for use in precast and UHPC elements. It has been designed to accelerate concrete setting time, improve compressive strength, reduce permeability, and increase the durability of concrete.

Krystaline Ultra’s ability to improve the hydration process also provides it with a greater ability to self-heal microcracks in the presence of moisture.

Krystaline Add 1 - Aditivos impermeabilizante para hormigón
Krystaline Add1
Krystaline Add 1 CW - Aditivos impermeabilizante para hormigón
Krystaline Add1 CW
Krystaline Add Plus 2.5 - Aditivos impermeabilizante para hormigón
Krystaline Add Plus 2.5