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  • It is a versatile waterproofing repair grout that is used when rapid setting is required to immediately protect the repairs that are being made.


  • Krystaline Block may also be used as a mortar overlay for non-cementitious applications such as rock or brick.


  • Enhanced with CSH technology, allowing for the material to self-heal and offer permanent protection.
  • For applications with thicknesses greater than 13 mm consult Krystaline for instructions for mixing pea gravel to allow greater thicknesses.*

*Coverage may vary depending on the conditions of the substrate.

Krystaline Block - Mortero para impermeabilizar el hormigón


  • Dramatically increases the life span of Grout applications due to the self-healing abilities.
  • Functions as part of Krystaline’s pipe penetration, crack, and joint repair systems.
  • Functions as part of some Krystaline joint design application.
  • Is used for substrate repair honeycomb repair and tie hole repair.
  • Can be applied on damp substrates with no flowing water.
  • Can be surface applied as a barrier coating.
  • Will transfer CSH growth into open pore concrete.
  • Suitable for application on concrete and masonry substrates.
  • Withstands high hydrostatic pressure.
  • Waterproofs against both positive and negative pressure.
  • High compression strength.
  • Suitable for use in contact with potable water.
  • Chlorides and solvent free
  • Reduces carbon emissions


  • Crack repair, joint repair and other concrete defects with water penetration.
  • Tie hole repair.
  • Honeycomb repair.
  • Can be used on masonry and non-concrete substrates.
  • Used as an alternative for Krystaline Dry or Krystaline M60 depending on the application.


Krystaline Block is a waterproofing repair grout, used when rapid setting is required to protect repairs being made. It is specially formulated to increase calcium silicate hydrates in concrete using CSH technology. The improved hydrated calcium silicate gels and crystals formed using CSH technology will increase the hydration capacity of the grout both in the short term and over time, resulting in a more durable and sustainable grout. The gels and crystals grow in all directions to fill the capillary pores of the grout, blocking the passage of water and self-healing microcracks providing enhanced life to the application and reduced maintenance costs.

Krystaline 1 - Mortero para impermeabilizar el hormigón
Krystaline 1
Krystaline Dry - Mortero para impermeabilizar el hormigón
Krystaline Dry
Krystaline M60 - Mortero para impermeabilizar el hormigón
Krystaline M60
Krystaline Block F - Mortero para impermeabilizar el hormigón
Krystaline Block F
Krystaline Plug - Mortero para impermeabilizar el hormigón
Krystaline Plug